Learn How to Make a Fashion Statement With Your Socks

#AllSocks Twitter Class.

  1. There is something quite trendy in men’s fashion today. It’s the style for coloured socks. #Allsocks
  2. Many have been asking; “must your socks match the colour of your shoe, socks, neck wear, shirt or other piece of dress.” #Allsocks
  3. Well, the truth is wearing coloured socks require a little care. Once care is taken you are good to rock the coloured socks. #Allsocks
  4.  The style of wearing the same colour of socks that matches your shoe or trouser is as long as 100 years back. #Allsocks
  5. Some have asked “can you always wear your bright coloured socks at all times”. #Allsocks
  6. Well the truth is that it depends. If you are thinking of a serious business outfit you might want to be careful like if you are going for an interview for instance. #Allsocks
  7. These bright colour socks might not fit for a somber occasion like a funeral. #Allsocks
  8. When it comes to showing off your individuality you could rock cooured socks as it suits you. But when it comes to showing respect and fitting in, caution must be taken. #Allsocks
  9. But like they say men are in sizes, and a few men are exceptions to the rule. These ones can confidently wear custom-tailored suits with red or any other bright socks. That’s making a statement. #Allsocks
  10. The business suit with colored socks is a look that says “Yes, I know the rules, and I’m confident enough and care enough about to break it anyway, because it’s more fun for me. Deal with it” #Allsocks
  11. If you’re not in a suit-and-tie formality sort of situation, you GENERALLY have the option of wearing colored socks if you want to. #Allsocks
  12.  If you are not in the category mentioned in the tweet number 10 you must be careful not to throw them on with anything — but there’s usually a way to make it work. #Allsocks
  13. Use the bright socks to liven up a simple outfit, when you want extra color-coordination. #Allsocks
  1. Usually the rule about matching socks is that any neutral colour will do fine. But bright socks aint natural they are contrast. So you’ve got to plan it. And carry it with swag. #Allsocks
  1. But I will be nice enough to share with you some tips and guidelines for making the idea work well #Allsocks
  1. Note that when matching your outfit, they should be in coordinate with the rest of the outfit. #Allsocks
  1. Note that “coordinate” doesn’t mean “match” — your socks doesn’t have to be the exact color as any other piece of clothing on your body. #Allsocks
  1. For the business men who are conservative, it is nice if there’s some natural sympathy, so be thinking in terms of colors that work well together. #Allsocks
  1. It’s always cool if your socks fit into the same general theme as the rest of your outfit. #Allsocks
  1. To do that simply pick out one of the colors from your shirt or jacket pattern, and wear a socks with a similar shade #Allsocks
  1. See coordination doesn’t have to be something people consciously notice — their eyes will see it as a “good match” even if they don’t think about it themselves #Allsocks
  1. What is “Contrast” in #mensFashion? #Allsocks
  1. Contrast in #MensFashion is the change from one adjacent color to the next. #Allsocks                                                                                  IMG_2947
  1. Fashion experts say we all have some contrast, both in our natural complexions and in our outfits. #Allsocks
  1. But it’s safer to roughly have the same amount of contrast throughout your whole appearance #Allsocks
  1. For instance if your upper half is very subtle and low-contrast I.e — a jacket in the same color but a slightly different shade as the shirt under it…
  1. …in such a case, you don’t want eye-popping color changes on the lower half. It’s that simple! #Allsocks
  1. Try to keep the contrast between your trousers and your socks at about the same level as the contrast between the trousers and the shirt #Allsocks
  1. If you cautiously keep at that, people will only be seeing the same basic visual impression all the way up your body. #Allsocks
  1. Also ensure that you have a couple of socks to choose from that work well with multiple outfits. You see why you need to log on to allsocks.com.ng to order. #Allsocks
  1. Do you want to try out wearing bright coloured socks that don’t match your trousers, what are you waiting for…get on allsocks.com.ng to get your coloured socks. #Allsocks


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