In as much as wearing socks is good, one has to make sure he or she has a pleasurable socks experience. Below are five vital socks survival tips:


Do not expose your socks to sharp objects: Exposing your socks to sharp objects such as kitchen knives, fountain pens, letter openers, corkscrews, long toenails, to mention a few, can irreparably damage the fabric depriving you from enjoying your socks.


untitled-2261Secondly, never scald your socks. Treat your socks like living beings. Sure, they want to feel clean, however, that does not mean you should boil them alive. A bath at 40°C is sufficient to maintain good foot hygiene.


Don’t wage chemical warfare against your socks: A bit of water and washing powder will do nicely in most cases. Socks are one of the rare garments that we wear close to our body. It is not fair to torture them with bleach or stain-remover.



Let me also add that you should bear in mind that socks are social beings! In the wilderness socks are never alone, they generally like to hang out in pairs. On their own they feel lonely and useless. To avoid this, it is good to always remove your socks together, and keep them together during the waiting, washing pending their next use.


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