Many ladies are unaware that wearing specific panty hoses come with some health advantages. For instance, when blood doesn’t circulate well and pools in the lower leg it sometimes lead to development of varicose veins. A particular pantyhose known as Compression Stockings can be helpful in alleviating aching and irritation as a result of varicose.

Medical experts say Compression Hose offer more support at ankle and less compression as you go up the leg, and that actually helps to push the blood up. Compression Hose equally helps to eliminate the irritation and discomfort that accompany varicose and spider veins.

There are three basic kinds of Compression Hose. One of the Compression Hose is the drugstore and department store brands, there are also over the counter hose sold at medical supply stores, and those that require special fitting.


It is also important to note that Compression Hose can prevent Ankle Swelling, swelling around the ankles, feet, and legs.

According to medical experts, Compression hose are more suitable to put on when travelling especially for people who are prone to varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis, a condition where potentially dangerous blood clots form, often in the legs.



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