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Allsocks launches the Learning Socks brand

One of the things that have remained fascinating about the human life is our learning process. While this gets more complicated the older we get (as with other phases of our lives), it comes easier for kids as they grow to absolving the new world they’ve found themselves in. So now to the question; how best do kids learn? Most popular schools of thought have agreed that top best methods are: by observing, by repetitions and by practice. These methods we have studied and incorporated into our Learning Socks ranges.

Because children learn by observing, we decided that having age appropriate learning material as part of the personal things, things they wear from day to day, will help engrave them into minds, thereby fast tracking their learning process. Since the socks come in attractive colours, we are sure to get their attention and retain their fascination as learning takes its course.

El Alfabeto – The ABC socks for 1-3 age range

Range name is Spanish word for the alphabets. Imagine your child read A B C each time their gaze goes to their feet! And because they are attractive colours, the kid’s gaze is bound to stay long enough to make an impression in their little mind.

El Alfabeto

Die Zahl – The 1 2 3 socks for 1-3 age range

This product range gets its name from the German word for numbers. Designed in fun colours, they are out to set your little mathematicians on the amazing journey of numeracy.

Die Zahl


La Semaine – The days of the week socks for 3-5 age range

At this age range, kids are able grasp more learning materials, so we are setting them up to learn the days of the week. Labelled Monday to Sunday; weekday socks come plain white to make them school compliant while the weekend schools are designed in party pretty colours for the culture. wink In all this makes for a mindful range as it sorts you out for the week, no more mismatched socks for school and you have extras for your owambe and Sunday run…

La Semaine

Fun facts; each learning sock pair has the left and right feet labelled underneath. Not L/R but left and right, because we are targeting spelling. So what are you waiting for? Go on, start shopping for your lil’ ones.



socks and feet

Socks Survival Tips


In as much as wearing socks is good, one has to make sure he or she has a pleasurable socks experience. Below are five vital socks survival tips:


Do not expose your socks to sharp objects: Exposing your socks to sharp objects such as kitchen knives, fountain pens, letter openers, corkscrews, long toenails, to mention a few, can irreparably damage the fabric depriving you from enjoying your socks.


untitled-2261Secondly, never scald your socks. Treat your socks like living beings. Sure, they want to feel clean, however, that does not mean you should boil them alive. A bath at 40°C is sufficient to maintain good foot hygiene.


Don’t wage chemical warfare against your socks: A bit of water and washing powder will do nicely in most cases. Socks are one of the rare garments that we wear close to our body. It is not fair to torture them with bleach or stain-remover.



Let me also add that you should bear in mind that socks are social beings! In the wilderness socks are never alone, they generally like to hang out in pairs. On their own they feel lonely and useless. To avoid this, it is good to always remove your socks together, and keep them together during the waiting, washing pending their next use.


socks and feet

@Allsocks_: Challenges that come with Not Wearing Socks

It’s a choice to wear or not wear socks. It’s also a choice to accept the problems that come with not wearing them.

Wearing socks helps to keep the feet and body warm. Socks helps to keep the feet clean as they don’t have to contact your shoe’s interior. Socks helps to keep your feet warm, preserve your shoes, and ensure that they don’t produce offensive odour that can be quite embarrassing.


Let’s examine white sneakers for example; wearing sneakers without socks rots your shoes from the inside. One would easily agree that keeping the outer part of the sneakers clean can actually be a tough struggle, and then imagine how terrible it gets when you’re sweating through the inside. Keeping the inner part of your sneakers clean can be tougher most especially when you don’t wear socks.

Some say their feet looks better in their pair of sneakers when they go socks-less. However, for several reasons like previously mentioned, it will always be a bad idea to wear sneakers without socks, ‘cos no matter how you try, or how much Febreze you spray on them, your sneakers will stink when you don’t wear socks…so save the world of some offensive odour.

Also, when you wear sneakers for such a long time without wearing socks, the cushions on the inside will absorb all of the moisture from your sweaty feet, creating the odour.


When you wear sneakers without socks, they’ll change colour pretty fast, that’s why you suddenly realize that the inner part of your sneakers begins to change from white to brown or grey. On the other hand, this might also be due to regular wear and tear.

In conclusion, the point is that the combination of sweat, moisture, and the lack of ventilation doesn’t help your shoes, especially sneakers.

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This is how to care for your Pantyhose

Due to the fact that hosieries are of a delicate nature, many are hesitant to wash them after every wear. However, it is important to wash them after wearing them, so as to guard against bacteria. When body oil, perspiration plus bacteria get on the hose, they would produce unpleasant smell.


To care for your panty hose, you could gently wash with soap or little un-harsh detergent. They can also be washed in the washing machine then they can be sun dried.

Female legs

Female legs

Another smart way to clean pantyhose is by using the Hosiery Mate Pantyhose Wash Solution. Apart that the Hosiery Mate Pantyhose Wash Solution cleans, it also conditions, deodorizes, and doubles the lifespan of hosiery.


It is also important to note that washing pantyhose plays a vital role in making them last. It is advisable to wash pantyhose immediately after wearing them rather than pile them up and wash them with other several pairs. This helps to prolong the lifestyle of the pantyhose.


How long your pantyhose lasts largely depend on how you wear, handle, and wash them.

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socks and feet

Health Advantages of Wearing Pantyhose

Many ladies are unaware that wearing specific panty hoses come with some health advantages. For instance, when blood doesn’t circulate well and pools in the lower leg it sometimes lead to development of varicose veins. A particular pantyhose known as Compression Stockings can be helpful in alleviating aching and irritation as a result of varicose.

Medical experts say Compression Hose offer more support at ankle and less compression as you go up the leg, and that actually helps to push the blood up. Compression Hose equally helps to eliminate the irritation and discomfort that accompany varicose and spider veins.

There are three basic kinds of Compression Hose. One of the Compression Hose is the drugstore and department store brands, there are also over the counter hose sold at medical supply stores, and those that require special fitting.



socks and feet

Is Wearing Socks on Sandals Now Becoming Trendy?

Would you or have you ever tried wearing socks on sandals before? Do you think it’s a nice idea? We understand that just the thought of wearing socks with sandals makes some people feel highly uncomfortable. Does it mean that wearing socks on Sandal is only fashionable on fashion magazines and not in real life?


Some fashion experts are of the opinion that it might be doable to rock socks with sandals, but socks with contrast toes will never work with sandals. Some feel wearing socks on sandal is just something you do while lazing around in the house and that should be all about it. (more…)

socks and feet

10 Tips To Stop Your Shoe From Stinking

What can be more annoying than the pungent, gag-inducing stench of a fresh foot after a hot day of activities? It is quite embarrassing to pull off one’s shoe then a sharp odour slaps everyone with that space right in the middle of the face. Issues like smelly shoe or feet are less publicly discussed, but smelly shoe has the potential to kill relationships, appetites and maybe brain cells…Hehehehe.

We would be sharing some tips on how to avoid smelly shoes which has the ability to cause unimaginable embarrassment. But jokes apart, why should an issue like smelly shoe damage your relationship, or make friends and family avoid coming to your room for those heart to heart discussions and catch up?

Anyone can avoid smelly shoe wahala by merely following these few tips.

  1. Did you know that shoes can be kept in the freezer like this to take the stink out? Putting your shoe in the freezer could kill bacteria and fungus causing odour.


  1. Combination of baking soda, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and some elbow grease will take out the stink in shoes.


socks and feet

This is How to Properly Polish Your shoe

We came across a piece of information on the internet that has to do with how men polish their shoes wrongly, we felt it was important to share this piece of information as it mostly concerns men.

It is known that women love shoes, and in fact some are obsessed about it. But where did the idea that men care less about their shoes come from? Though women’s shoes come in various designs, shapes, styles and colours, for men black seems to be the most important colour.

One thing most guys don’t joke with is polishing their shoes so as to ensure that they remain well polished.  There is something men need to learn about how to use wax polish on shoes to make the shoe last.

Good socks on great shoes are always amazing!

Wax polish is good for high quality leather, but it is equally easy to see men use wax polish on every leather, but the question is how often should you polish your shoe?

When a leather shoe is polished every now and then, in a very short time that could badly affect the shoe’s leather. If you polish your leather shoe twice a week for six months, imagine the several layers that will be piled up on the leather.

Most times when guys think they are actually polishing, the previous polished layer is what is being polished and not the leather. It is amazing how we daily add wax to our leather shoes without letting them breathe, and then we complain that the shoe’s leather is breaking. Most times, the shoe leather – including genuine leather break simply because we don’t care or polish the shoe well.

So before you complain that the guy at the shoe store lied to you, ask yourself if you really know how to polish your own shoe. Like someone recently pointed out, imagine you load your skin with body cream day after day without taking a bath. You just imagine that! When you cream your skin daily without having a bath, your skin won’t have the opportunity to breath and that is not very good for the skin. Same goes for the leather.

To keep your leather shoes as healthy as possible, this is what you should do. Don’t polish your shoe every now and then; rather clean it often. After pulling off your shoe, wipe with a dry piece of cotton fabric and keep in a airy place. It is advisable to always keep a duster in your drawer at work and in your car, so dust particles will not have the opportunity to settle and soak off all the shine on your polished shoe.

When you finally think it is necessary to polish, soak a clean fabric in mild soapy water and then wipe off the previous coating. You want to call that bathing your shoe right? Actually it is. After this is done, you can now go ahead to add polish wax on the leather, washing your shoe as described before polishing helps to polish the leather and not polish the polish like many often do.

To properly confirm this technique, you would remember that some of the expert “aboki” shoe shiners usually use slight soapy water on the shoe before polishing.

In conclusion, to avoid polishing the polish on your shoe, adhere to the new technique.

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Long Toenails Are Not Socks Friendly

Do the toenails affect your socks in any way? As simple as the answer to this question is, it is funny how some guys want to keep their toenails yet avoid holes in socks. Aesthetically speaking, toenails are available for painting and general beautification of the feet, most especially for ladies.

Save for these stated reasons, toenails can cause so much discomfort when they hit the tip of your shoe each time you wear them. The other day, a customer was asking a question on what can be done to stop his nails from piercing through his socks. But the truth is that eating one’s cake and having it has remained an unresolved puzzle. But on a more serious note, apart from beautification which majorly concerns ladies, why would a guy keep toenails?

Honestly there is no tangible thing the toenail is doing, except to poke holes in your socks and make them wear out fast. So get rid of them! Claw-like toenails don’t even protect you from stubbing your toe. So they are practically of no use.

Long toenails might increase the pains of an ingrown toenail. An ingrown nail is when the sides of a toenail – usually the big toe – curve into and dig into the flesh instead of growing straight out.

Some are born with chronically ingrown toenails, while others are self inflicted. Ingrown toenail is sometimes also caused by either the shoe we wear or the  way nails are being cut. Left untreated, ingrown toenails cause discomfort that can quickly turn into severe pains and infections. Toenail fungus is another infection of the nail, and they can be embarrassing in the sense that they could stop you from rocking your nice socks and shoes.

So it’s a lot better to keep clean nails and proper hygiene always.


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socks and feet

Six Beneficial Reasons You Should Wear Socks

Wearing socks provides many benefits despite that socks remains an item of clothing that is most times neglected because it’s not mostly visible. Some of the importance of wearing socks includes;


  1. Socks are very useful for absorbing the sweat produced by the feet. Without wearing socks, sweat from the feet will be absorbed by the skin and the shoe, this will produce a very offensive odour which can be equally embarrassing. So when you wear socks you prevent your shoe and leg from stinking.




  1. Did you know that by simply wearing socks you can heat up your entire body? The primary outlet of heat for the body remains the feet, hands and ears, once the hand and feet are cold, the entire body gradually begins to drop in temperature. In the same way, if you cover your feet properly by wearing socks, you are simply going to get your entire body warm.


  1. By wearing socks, you can basically prevent diseases like Callus, Athletes foot amongst others. Wearing socks remains a top and convenient means to protect your feet from infections.


  1. With the help of socks, you can prevent dryness and cracking of the skin around your feet. The process of rubbing your feet against your footwear increases the cracking of your skin. It is cheaper to prevent all these by simply wearing socks.


  1. For those who like to walk indoors without footwear, you can easily reduce the risk and pain caused by walking barefoot by wearing socks. By wearing socks, you reduce the danger of stepping on tiny sand particles that might irritate the feet or even object that might injure the skin.




  1. Do we really need to emphasize it again that wearing the appropriate socks add more to ones swag apart that it tells so much about you? We live in an era where you can literally make amazing bold statements by simply wearing the right socks.



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