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Six Beneficial Reasons You Should Wear Socks

Wearing socks provides many benefits despite that socks remains an item of clothing that is most times neglected because it’s not mostly visible. Some of the importance of wearing socks includes;


  1. Socks are very useful for absorbing the sweat produced by the feet. Without wearing socks, sweat from the feet will be absorbed by the skin and the shoe, this will produce a very offensive odour which can be equally embarrassing. So when you wear socks you prevent your shoe and leg from stinking.




  1. Did you know that by simply wearing socks you can heat up your entire body? The primary outlet of heat for the body remains the feet, hands and ears, once the hand and feet are cold, the entire body gradually begins to drop in temperature. In the same way, if you cover your feet properly by wearing socks, you are simply going to get your entire body warm.


  1. By wearing socks, you can basically prevent diseases like Callus, Athletes foot amongst others. Wearing socks remains a top and convenient means to protect your feet from infections.


  1. With the help of socks, you can prevent dryness and cracking of the skin around your feet. The process of rubbing your feet against your footwear increases the cracking of your skin. It is cheaper to prevent all these by simply wearing socks.


  1. For those who like to walk indoors without footwear, you can easily reduce the risk and pain caused by walking barefoot by wearing socks. By wearing socks, you reduce the danger of stepping on tiny sand particles that might irritate the feet or even object that might injure the skin.




  1. Do we really need to emphasize it again that wearing the appropriate socks add more to ones swag apart that it tells so much about you? We live in an era where you can literally make amazing bold statements by simply wearing the right socks.

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socks and feet

Your Socks Says So Much About You

It is quite easy to spot a classic man who pays attention to looks from the quality of his shoes. When you see a guy in nice pair of brogues, you easily want to say this is a fashionable gentle man. But the truth is that well detailed guys don’t claim to pay attention to their looks and then ignore vital details like the socks. No! Someone said the shoe is the sun sign — providing you with the basic contours of a personality — and the sock is the moon sign, revealing the inner life. What an analogy! But the point is you must look at the socks too if you must pay attention to little details that count.


There is a whole lot of difference between a pair of nice shoes worn with socks – (especially from Allsocks… Lol), and great shoes worn with slumping socks whose elasticity has been well spent. Once you see a guy with a bad socks made of poor quality, you just want to assume that he probably has issues paying attention to important details.





According to a recent survey the colour of a guy’s socks is all-important as well. Lately, some attach some qualities with men who wear particular socks colour. Some say a blue cotton sock speaks about being trustworthy.


Well, one thing stands out; those who wear colured socks are considered to be confident and imaginative enough to blend coloured socks with other accessories, even if it’s just the cuff links. It is easy to acknowledge that it basically takes no imagination to wear black which can be sometimes boring as a matter of fact.


However, no matter what the colour you choose for your outfit, a white sock is always a no-no. White socks should be kept for the gym, save for if you are ready to be the new Michael Jackson. But jokes apart, we always advice that you avoid white-socks — they are up to no good.


The truth of the matter is that apart from making a fashion statement, bad socks make people look silly — yes they really do. Some wear socks with great holes and they are completely unable to get off their shoes at indoor dinner parties. Wearing smelly socks can make you look like a complete idiot, causing you to lose any form of authority and swag you ever had.

You’re cool, because Your Socks Says so!

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socks and feet

The Differences between Pantyhose, Tights and Leggings

Recently some folks were arguing over the difference between Stockings, Pantyhose, Tights and Leggings after we discussed the ways to prevent pantyhose from tearing online during the #Allsocks Class. If you missed that you can catch up here.


To discuss the peculiarities between these undergarments, it is important to note that though pantyhose can be very nice, they can be quite uncomfortable and very unpractical when worn during extremely humid and hot weather.  During such weather, they trap moisture against your skin apart from causing you to sweat which could lead to discomfort. If you are keen on wearing pantyhose during warm weather, it is advisable to choose ultra-sheer, non-control top hose, since they give the most airflow all day. Pantyhose can be very transparent that it might seem as though a lady is bare skin. That’s a major quality of pantyhose.


Female legs

Female legs

Pantyhose are mostly worn by professional women under dresses and skirts to offices. But of course they can be worn as casuals as well. Pantyhose are made in various colours but thin black see through is the most common.



Another difference with pantyhose is that it tends to present a more elegant and polished look from tights or even leggings. Pantyhose always provide close fitting covering the body from feet up to the waist. This close fitting ensures that pantyhose is unable to provide convenience of easy removal most especially when answering the call of nature. Pantyhose always come in different styles such as fishnet, patterns, colours and opacity.



Stockings are usually made from cotton, linen, wool, nylon or silk, while pantyhose are made from delicate nylon fabric. Stocking generally refers to any leg garments, including socks and thigh. Stockings come in two, as a pair, while pantyhose come in one piece. That’s a striking difference between pantyhose and stockings.



Tights are a little transparent and thicker than pantyhose. Tights tend to be mistaken for pantyhose because they almost have the same feel, though they are actually different. Tights are not leggings. They are different in the sense that tights are not designed to be worn alone without a top. They must be worn under a dress.



Leggings extend from waist to ankles; and are made from lycra, nylon, cotton, wool, silk, cotton-polyester blend and other synthetic fabrics.

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How To Stop Your Pantyhose From Tearing – @allsocks_

Pantyhose are made of delicate nylon fabric that covers you from the toes to the waist. They are also notorious for ripping and running when you try to handle them, but once you successfully get them on, they can make your outfit look elegant. Some customers have complained to us that while putting on their pantyhose on for the first time, it gets torn. So we have decided to look into how these can be better handled, essentially because the pantyhose is of high quality.


There is a “how” to everything. There are techniques you should engage when putting on your pantyhose. Using the proper technique to put on pantyhose will extend the life of your hosiery and ensure a smooth, comfortable fit. For starters, always choose the right size. Just like you won’t ordinarily get a shoe or trouser that’s not your size, always get your fit.  Choose the type that caters for your personal preferences, providing you with the look and comfort level you want. All pantyhose are designed such that the top part fits like your regular pants, so the pantyhose don’t fall down.


Wearing your exact size ensures that the pantyhose is hugging your shape, creating a slimmer silhouette.  Wearing a size that fit also ensures that while putting the hose on it doesn’t get torn or worn out easily. Do well to check  our online store  – for the perfect size that is best for you.

The amount of “control” in the top part of the pantyhose varies from high control to none. So be mindful of a size that caters for your personal preferences. Sincerely that can’t be over emphasized. Shoes like they say are in sizes, same goes for the waist too you know! Lol.


There are types of pantyhose; control-top pantyhose have built-in underwear that fits tightly around the midsection. If you’re so interested in smoothing out your curves, the control-top pantyhose might be the right option for you. However, it is important to clearly state that many ladies find control-top pantyhose uncomfortably tight. The regular pantyhose have a simpler construction and aren’t meant to provide extra support around your midsection.

If you don’t want to change the look of your shape, it is advisable to opt for the regular standard pantyhose instead of the control top pantyhose.  It is also important to decide on level of sheerness you want. In terms of sheerness, Pantyhose ranges from very (or “ultra) sheer to opaque, and the different levels of sheerness result in different final looks.

If you pick very sheer pantyhose that match your skin tone, it might not look like you’re actually wearing pantyhose at all. Opaque pantyhose have a much more noticeable appearance.


It is very vital to bear in mind that if you want to prevent your new or even old pantyhose from tearing, be gentle on them. Remember they are made from delicate nylon fabric. It is also important to always get a size that is perfect for you to reduce the risk of tearing.

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