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#Allsocks PantyHose: 20 Things You Should Know About Panty Hose – @Allsocks_


  1. Pantyhose is often called tights in the United Kingdom, some other countries call it sheer hosiery.


  1. They are close-fitting leg wear, which cover the wearer’s body from the waist to the feet.


  1. Panty hose is considered to be a woman’s/ girl’s garment, it appeared in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to stockings.


  1. Panty hose has remained an alternative to stockings and control panties. They are also gradually replacing girdles.


  1. Pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or fabrics blended with nylon. They are designed to be attractive in appearance.




  1. Panty hose does a good job at hiding physical imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair or varicose veins.


  1. As a lady Panty Hose helps you solve the problem of revealing panty lines.


  1. Besides being worn for fashion, in Western societies, pantyhose are sometimes worn by women as part of formal dress.




  1. Panty hose looks sexier and stylish on the wearer when they are chosen carefully, but when they are wrongfully selected they can make you look like you stepped out of a time warp from the 80’s.


  1. It is always better to go for sheer nude hose that matches the skin tone.





  1. Panty hose are actually sexy; they have a way of adding a touch of beauty and mystery to a lady’s legs.


  1. With panty hose, you avoid having blisters on your feet when you wear a new pair of shoes.


  1. Pantyhose have a way of smoothing out your figure; they make your dress slip smoothly over your sexy figure. Gosh!


  1. Please don’t even think about “suntan” pantyhose unless that’s your actual skin tone! (Come on, who tans their legs only?) OK?!


  1. Always buy the sheerest hose you can find. Nude hose should be like the foundation you wear on your face: invisible, but enhancing.




  1. offer lots of nude shades to choose from so you should be able to find a perfect match for your skin.


  1. Many say I have great legs, so why wear panty hose? The truth is that great legs look better when they are being showed off in nice pantyhose.





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  1. For the love of everything good. Always remember – NO pantyhose with open toe shoes! It is a NO-NO.


  1. You could get your quality Panty hose on so check our online store for beautiful designs today.


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A Million and One Reasons Why a lady Must Wear Panty-Hoses – @allsocks_

Hello ladies, that product you all have been calling our customer care line for is now a click away from you. The same way we don’t compromise on the quality and speed of delivery of our men’s socks, we can’t afford to do otherwise for any reason.


Of all the many reasons why every lady must wear panty hose, we have packaged a few together. We hope you find them interesting and in case you have more, please drop them in the comment box below.


  1. When you wear any kind of skirt as a lady, panty hose will ensure your legs are warmer than naked skin. Also, panty hose keeps you warmer than leaving your legs bare, especially when you wear skirt.


  1. Aside from keeping the legs warm, panty hose help to conceal a lot of shortcomings. When you are keen on covering bumps, pimples, veins, roll of fats, unshaven legs, you need several panty hose in your wardrobe. Many have details on the legs and thighs they’d rather not show to all wandering eyes, in such a case, panty hose becomes handy. If you really don’t want to see those rolls of rat on your leg, then others don’t either, pick nice panty hose and save yourself the drama and embarrassment.


  1. You may not have the time to get rid of the little imperfections on your leg, never mind, use panty hose to add beauty to those legs of yours.


  1. You might be going for an official meeting and you don’t want your nice tattoos to show up, panty hose becomes your friend


  1. Panty hose helps your shoes fit better. With panty hose on, your feet don’t get all sweaty, so it doesn’t stick to your shoes.


  1. With panty hose, you avoid having blisters on your feet when you wear a new pair of shoes, you will agree that these blisters makes walking very painful and uncomfortable.


  1. Panty hose are actually sexy, they have a way of adding a touch of beauty and mystery to a lady’s legs. They have an amazing way of smoothing out your figure; they make your new dress slip smoothly over your sexy figure. Gosh!



  1. Panty hose have a way of making you look more professional, well-dressed, pulled-together, sophisticated, and elegant, all at the same time.


  1. If you really don’t like shaving your leg, with panty hose, your legs don’t have to be always smooth or shaved, shiny and hairless. Once you put your panty hoses on you are simply covered.



  1. Panty hose gives you opportunity to accessorize, you can turn to colored hose and patterned stockings as another way to add style and elegance to any outfit.


  1. Did you know that you could match the colour of your panty hose with your dress or that of your hair, allowing your outfit to extend all the way down to your toes?



  1. When you wear a nice pair of panty hose you will discover that they make your legs look sexier and thinner, giving the leg and entire body a better shape.


  1. Don’t waste any more time ladies, have high quality panty hose you can’t resist.


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Did You Know That Your Smelly Socks Attract Mosquitoes? – @Allsocks_

Last Saturday, during the #Allsocks class which holds on Twitter between the hours of 9am & 10am, we discussed something interesting and also quite embarrassing. Yeah embarrassing…you want to hazard a guess? We discussed smelly socks.

Have fun going through the tweets.

  1. Socks become unpleasantly smelly when they have been used over a long time without washing.
  1. This odour is actually a mixture of ammonia, fatty acid and lactic acid.
  1. However, scientists have realized that the mixture of ammonia, fatty and lactic acid doesn’t give the exact odour like the real sweaty socks.
  1. So the research continues with the hope that some other active ingredient will be identified
  1. This odour results from bacterial action upon sweat when you wear a closed shoe for a long time.
  1. Smelly socks can be very nasty source of air contamination especially on the plane or in the home.
  1. While you may consider the odour from smelly socks as irritating, they always remain a strong attraction to dogs and mosquitoes.
  1. Smelly socks attract mosquitoes: in case mosquitoes don’t leave your room after all effort, you might want to put your socks close to your nose.
  1. Since the smell from smelly socks attracts mosquitoes, the odour has been explored to control them in places where malaria is prevalent.
  1. Smelly socks are actually used to control the behaviour of animals that are fascinated by them.
  1. It’s important to know that a couple of wild animals like the bear are attracted to the strong odour from the socks.
  1. So watch out when next you are in the zoo. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. LOL.
  1. Amazingly, smelly socks odour has been used in building air treatment systems called “jock socks odour” same as “dirty socks syndrome”
  1. Products have been designed to manage the problem of smelly socks. Some police in England use stink-proof locker to keep socks of prisoners while in custody.
  1. But instead of stressing the world with smelly socks, you can simply wash them to avoid “wahala” and embarrassment.
  1. Most times the lack of enough socks in the wardrobe is responsible for prolonged use of the available. Get more today on that’s our assignment.
  1. The odour from foot and socks has been used by the University of Wageningen to bait, trap and divert mosquitoes from biting people.
  1. A project funded by Grand Challenges Canada and theBill & Melinda Gates Foundation involves harvesting smelly socks odour with cotton to be used as bait traps. Imagine!
  1. Dogs are strongly attracted to the scent of socks worn by humans; this attraction is being used in dog training where the smelly socks may serve as a lure during training.
  1. So if you are doing a research or making money from your smelly socks, biko find time to wash them and save mankind of odurs. Lol
  1. Join again next week by 9am for another edition of #Allsocks class where we discuss another interesting topic related to socks.

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Smart Tips on How To Keep Your Socks Together

Today we would be discussing some nice tips on how to properly store your socks and that of a little baby. This cute and adorable piece of clothing can be easily misplaced when washing, drying or when not properly stored. And it can be annoying when you need to find a matching pair of socks to put on your baby and it is nowhere to be found. Or you discover as a mother that your baby’s socks drawer has more single socks without a mate than pairs of socks.

Even as an adult, it happens more often as student though, that either a left or right leg of your socks keep developing wings or they fly away to unknown destinations. It can be annoying and irritating at the same time when you have set your mind on a particular design and colour to match your outfit and then it can’t be found. When this happen from time to time you suddenly realize that you have a trailer load of single leg socks in your wardrobe.

Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows that pausing to find the mate to a sock, while dressing yourself or a baby, is not the easiest of chores, most especially when you are late for an outing or engagement.

Sincerely it can be pretty hard to prevent the missing socks syndrome like a customer once said. Anyways, there are tips that can be used for storing and keeping baby/adult socks so that they are easy to find and grab.


  1. Safety pin matching socks together before they go into the laundry. This way the socks’ mates stay together and can be put directly into the sock drawer safely pinned together.


  1. To avoid missing socks pair, fold the socks so that one socks ends up in the other. This will keep pairs of socks together in the socks drawer.


  1. Keep your socks together when washing and drying in the washing machine. The truth is that when you are careless about your socks you will spend more time looking for them.


  1. The best thing you can do when you lose a sock is to create an orphanage for lost sock. Just in case you later find the other pair. When you find one solo, just store it in a separate place, hopefully it will be reunited with its lost brother or sister later.


  1. Sometimes, socks slips between the drum of the washing machine and the wash basket and then gets trapped in the pump. A major reason why we lose our socks is because they get lost inside the washing machine, but when you pin them together you are good. Pin your socks together before throwing them in the machine, else you risk the possibility of losing them to the washing machine holes.

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