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Reasons Why You Wear Socks – @Allsocks_

Socks is a small piece of clothing which can easily be forgotten and its importance cannot be over emphasized. Often times we wear socks for the sake of wearing socks, not knowing the importance of wearing them. Wearing socks is as important as wearing your shoe,socks always affect the comfort and fit of shoes – their thickness, cushioning and sweat-fighting capabilities are best exemplified in the non-cotton varieties.

They also provide friction between the leg and the shoe thereby saving the leg from having blisters and at the same time giving the shoe a longer life span.

They are one of the numerous accessories currently in vogue, today, many now make a fashion statement with their socks, by wearing different designs of socks from the polka dots, to the striped, pattern and the bright and colorful socks.

The kind or type of socks you wear says a lot about you, one could easily tell the nature of your job or your working environment by the type of socks you wear; plainly following the “socks rule” says you work in a serious and strict environment or wearing a polka dot, striped, colorful socks says you work in free and friendly environment.

There are different types of socks, work socks, winter socks, formal wear socks, sport socks etc.
Allsocks has been offering tips to educate people/guys on how to style with their socks and the type/kind of socks to wear for different occasions, how to maintain your socks and most importantly the health benefit of socks; this they have achieved through the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM channel: Allsocks or C00298978. Website:

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