Learning Socks, socks and feet

Allsocks launches the Learning Socks brand

One of the things that have remained fascinating about the human life is our learning process. While this gets more complicated the older we get (as with other phases of our lives), it comes easier for kids as they grow to absolving the new world they’ve found themselves in. So now to the question; how best do kids learn? Most popular schools of thought have agreed that top best methods are: by observing, by repetitions and by practice. These methods we have studied and incorporated into our Learning Socks ranges.

Because children learn by observing, we decided that having age appropriate learning material as part of the personal things, things they wear from day to day, will help engrave them into minds, thereby fast tracking their learning process. Since the socks come in attractive colours, we are sure to get their attention and retain their fascination as learning takes its course.

El Alfabeto – The ABC socks for 1-3 age range

Range name is Spanish word for the alphabets. Imagine your child read A B C each time their gaze goes to their feet! And because they are attractive colours, the kid’s gaze is bound to stay long enough to make an impression in their little mind.

El Alfabeto

Die Zahl – The 1 2 3 socks for 1-3 age range

This product range gets its name from the German word for numbers. Designed in fun colours, they are out to set your little mathematicians on the amazing journey of numeracy.

Die Zahl


La Semaine – The days of the week socks for 3-5 age range

At this age range, kids are able grasp more learning materials, so we are setting them up to learn the days of the week. Labelled Monday to Sunday; weekday socks come plain white to make them school compliant while the weekend schools are designed in party pretty colours for the culture. wink In all this makes for a mindful range as it sorts you out for the week, no more mismatched socks for school and you have extras for your owambe and Sunday run…

La Semaine

Fun facts; each learning sock pair has the left and right feet labelled underneath. Not L/R but left and right, because we are targeting spelling. So what are you waiting for? Go on, start shopping for your lil’ ones.