1. Pantyhose is often called tights in the United Kingdom, some other countries call it sheer hosiery.


  1. They are close-fitting leg wear, which cover the wearer’s body from the waist to the feet.


  1. Panty hose is considered to be a woman’s/ girl’s garment, it appeared in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to stockings.


  1. Panty hose has remained an alternative to stockings and control panties. They are also gradually replacing girdles.


  1. Pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or fabrics blended with nylon. They are designed to be attractive in appearance.




  1. Panty hose does a good job at hiding physical imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair or varicose veins.


  1. As a lady Panty Hose helps you solve the problem of revealing panty lines.


  1. Besides being worn for fashion, in Western societies, pantyhose are sometimes worn by women as part of formal dress.




  1. Panty hose looks sexier and stylish on the wearer when they are chosen carefully, but when they are wrongfully selected they can make you look like you stepped out of a time warp from the 80’s.


  1. It is always better to go for sheer nude hose that matches the skin tone.





  1. Panty hose are actually sexy; they have a way of adding a touch of beauty and mystery to a lady’s legs.


  1. With panty hose, you avoid having blisters on your feet when you wear a new pair of shoes.


  1. Pantyhose have a way of smoothing out your figure; they make your dress slip smoothly over your sexy figure. Gosh!


  1. Please don’t even think about “suntan” pantyhose unless that’s your actual skin tone! (Come on, who tans their legs only?) OK?!


  1. Always buy the sheerest hose you can find. Nude hose should be like the foundation you wear on your face: invisible, but enhancing.




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  1. Many say I have great legs, so why wear panty hose? The truth is that great legs look better when they are being showed off in nice pantyhose.





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  1. For the love of everything good. Always remember – NO pantyhose with open toe shoes! It is a NO-NO.


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