Pantyhose are made of delicate nylon fabric that covers you from the toes to the waist. They are also notorious for ripping and running when you try to handle them, but once you successfully get them on, they can make your outfit look elegant. Some customers have complained to us that while putting on their pantyhose on for the first time, it gets torn. So we have decided to look into how these can be better handled, essentially because the pantyhose is of high quality.


There is a “how” to everything. There are techniques you should engage when putting on your pantyhose. Using the proper technique to put on pantyhose will extend the life of your hosiery and ensure a smooth, comfortable fit. For starters, always choose the right size. Just like you won’t ordinarily get a shoe or trouser that’s not your size, always get your fit.  Choose the type that caters for your personal preferences, providing you with the look and comfort level you want. All pantyhose are designed such that the top part fits like your regular pants, so the pantyhose don’t fall down.


Wearing your exact size ensures that the pantyhose is hugging your shape, creating a slimmer silhouette.  Wearing a size that fit also ensures that while putting the hose on it doesn’t get torn or worn out easily. Do well to check  our online store  – for the perfect size that is best for you.

The amount of “control” in the top part of the pantyhose varies from high control to none. So be mindful of a size that caters for your personal preferences. Sincerely that can’t be over emphasized. Shoes like they say are in sizes, same goes for the waist too you know! Lol.


There are types of pantyhose; control-top pantyhose have built-in underwear that fits tightly around the midsection. If you’re so interested in smoothing out your curves, the control-top pantyhose might be the right option for you. However, it is important to clearly state that many ladies find control-top pantyhose uncomfortably tight. The regular pantyhose have a simpler construction and aren’t meant to provide extra support around your midsection.

If you don’t want to change the look of your shape, it is advisable to opt for the regular standard pantyhose instead of the control top pantyhose.  It is also important to decide on level of sheerness you want. In terms of sheerness, Pantyhose ranges from very (or “ultra) sheer to opaque, and the different levels of sheerness result in different final looks.

If you pick very sheer pantyhose that match your skin tone, it might not look like you’re actually wearing pantyhose at all. Opaque pantyhose have a much more noticeable appearance.


It is very vital to bear in mind that if you want to prevent your new or even old pantyhose from tearing, be gentle on them. Remember they are made from delicate nylon fabric. It is also important to always get a size that is perfect for you to reduce the risk of tearing.

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