Wearing socks provides many benefits despite that socks remains an item of clothing that is most times neglected because it’s not mostly visible. Some of the importance of wearing socks includes;


  1. Socks are very useful for absorbing the sweat produced by the feet. Without wearing socks, sweat from the feet will be absorbed by the skin and the shoe, this will produce a very offensive odour which can be equally embarrassing. So when you wear socks you prevent your shoe and leg from stinking.




  1. Did you know that by simply wearing socks you can heat up your entire body? The primary outlet of heat for the body remains the feet, hands and ears, once the hand and feet are cold, the entire body gradually begins to drop in temperature. In the same way, if you cover your feet properly by wearing socks, you are simply going to get your entire body warm.


  1. By wearing socks, you can basically prevent diseases like Callus, Athletes foot amongst others. Wearing socks remains a top and convenient means to protect your feet from infections.


  1. With the help of socks, you can prevent dryness and cracking of the skin around your feet. The process of rubbing your feet against your footwear increases the cracking of your skin. It is cheaper to prevent all these by simply wearing socks.


  1. For those who like to walk indoors without footwear, you can easily reduce the risk and pain caused by walking barefoot by wearing socks. By wearing socks, you reduce the danger of stepping on tiny sand particles that might irritate the feet or even object that might injure the skin.




  1. Do we really need to emphasize it again that wearing the appropriate socks add more to ones swag apart that it tells so much about you? We live in an era where you can literally make amazing bold statements by simply wearing the right socks.



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