It is quite easy to spot a classic man who pays attention to looks from the quality of his shoes. When you see a guy in nice pair of brogues, you easily want to say this is a fashionable gentle man. But the truth is that well detailed guys don’t claim to pay attention to their looks and then ignore vital details like the socks. No! Someone said the shoe is the sun sign — providing you with the basic contours of a personality — and the sock is the moon sign, revealing the inner life. What an analogy! But the point is you must look at the socks too if you must pay attention to little details that count.


There is a whole lot of difference between a pair of nice shoes worn with socks – (especially from Allsocks… Lol), and great shoes worn with slumping socks whose elasticity has been well spent. Once you see a guy with a bad socks made of poor quality, you just want to assume that he probably has issues paying attention to important details.





According to a recent survey the colour of a guy’s socks is all-important as well. Lately, some attach some qualities with men who wear particular socks colour. Some say a blue cotton sock speaks about being trustworthy.


Well, one thing stands out; those who wear colured socks are considered to be confident and imaginative enough to blend coloured socks with other accessories, even if it’s just the cuff links. It is easy to acknowledge that it basically takes no imagination to wear black which can be sometimes boring as a matter of fact.


However, no matter what the colour you choose for your outfit, a white sock is always a no-no. White socks should be kept for the gym, save for if you are ready to be the new Michael Jackson. But jokes apart, we always advice that you avoid white-socks — they are up to no good.


The truth of the matter is that apart from making a fashion statement, bad socks make people look silly — yes they really do. Some wear socks with great holes and they are completely unable to get off their shoes at indoor dinner parties. Wearing smelly socks can make you look like a complete idiot, causing you to lose any form of authority and swag you ever had.

You’re cool, because Your Socks Says so!

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