Today we would be discussing some nice tips on how to properly store your socks and that of a little baby. This cute and adorable piece of clothing can be easily misplaced when washing, drying or when not properly stored. And it can be annoying when you need to find a matching pair of socks to put on your baby and it is nowhere to be found. Or you discover as a mother that your baby’s socks drawer has more single socks without a mate than pairs of socks.

Even as an adult, it happens more often as student though, that either a left or right leg of your socks keep developing wings or they fly away to unknown destinations. It can be annoying and irritating at the same time when you have set your mind on a particular design and colour to match your outfit and then it can’t be found. When this happen from time to time you suddenly realize that you have a trailer load of single leg socks in your wardrobe.

Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows that pausing to find the mate to a sock, while dressing yourself or a baby, is not the easiest of chores, most especially when you are late for an outing or engagement.

Sincerely it can be pretty hard to prevent the missing socks syndrome like a customer once said. Anyways, there are tips that can be used for storing and keeping baby/adult socks so that they are easy to find and grab.


  1. Safety pin matching socks together before they go into the laundry. This way the socks’ mates stay together and can be put directly into the sock drawer safely pinned together.


  1. To avoid missing socks pair, fold the socks so that one socks ends up in the other. This will keep pairs of socks together in the socks drawer.


  1. Keep your socks together when washing and drying in the washing machine. The truth is that when you are careless about your socks you will spend more time looking for them.


  1. The best thing you can do when you lose a sock is to create an orphanage for lost sock. Just in case you later find the other pair. When you find one solo, just store it in a separate place, hopefully it will be reunited with its lost brother or sister later.


  1. Sometimes, socks slips between the drum of the washing machine and the wash basket and then gets trapped in the pump. A major reason why we lose our socks is because they get lost inside the washing machine, but when you pin them together you are good. Pin your socks together before throwing them in the machine, else you risk the possibility of losing them to the washing machine holes.

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