Last Saturday, during the #Allsocks class which holds on Twitter between the hours of 9am & 10am, we discussed something interesting and also quite embarrassing. Yeah embarrassing…you want to hazard a guess? We discussed smelly socks.

Have fun going through the tweets.

  1. Socks become unpleasantly smelly when they have been used over a long time without washing.
  1. This odour is actually a mixture of ammonia, fatty acid and lactic acid.
  1. However, scientists have realized that the mixture of ammonia, fatty and lactic acid doesn’t give the exact odour like the real sweaty socks.
  1. So the research continues with the hope that some other active ingredient will be identified
  1. This odour results from bacterial action upon sweat when you wear a closed shoe for a long time.
  1. Smelly socks can be very nasty source of air contamination especially on the plane or in the home.
  1. While you may consider the odour from smelly socks as irritating, they always remain a strong attraction to dogs and mosquitoes.
  1. Smelly socks attract mosquitoes: in case mosquitoes don’t leave your room after all effort, you might want to put your socks close to your nose.
  1. Since the smell from smelly socks attracts mosquitoes, the odour has been explored to control them in places where malaria is prevalent.
  1. Smelly socks are actually used to control the behaviour of animals that are fascinated by them.
  1. It’s important to know that a couple of wild animals like the bear are attracted to the strong odour from the socks.
  1. So watch out when next you are in the zoo. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. LOL.
  1. Amazingly, smelly socks odour has been used in building air treatment systems called “jock socks odour” same as “dirty socks syndrome”
  1. Products have been designed to manage the problem of smelly socks. Some police in England use stink-proof locker to keep socks of prisoners while in custody.
  1. But instead of stressing the world with smelly socks, you can simply wash them to avoid “wahala” and embarrassment.
  1. Most times the lack of enough socks in the wardrobe is responsible for prolonged use of the available. Get more today on that’s our assignment.
  1. The odour from foot and socks has been used by the University of Wageningen to bait, trap and divert mosquitoes from biting people.
  1. A project funded by Grand Challenges Canada and theBill & Melinda Gates Foundation involves harvesting smelly socks odour with cotton to be used as bait traps. Imagine!
  1. Dogs are strongly attracted to the scent of socks worn by humans; this attraction is being used in dog training where the smelly socks may serve as a lure during training.
  1. So if you are doing a research or making money from your smelly socks, biko find time to wash them and save mankind of odurs. Lol
  1. Join again next week by 9am for another edition of #Allsocks class where we discuss another interesting topic related to socks.

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